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Crystal Infusion Water Bottle

Crystal Infusion Water Bottle

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About this product

Activate your drink with Crystal Clear energies.

Embrace the healing properties of crystals with our NEW Crystal Clear Water Bottle Blends, infused with natural gemstones. Simply choose your preferred crystal combination and add water to create an elixir filled with natural energies. 

Each Mindful Living Crystal Water Bottle comes in retail-ready packaging, great for gifting. BPA & Lead-Free, with NO harmful plastic or toxins. Made from glass and holds 550ml/18Oz of liquid.

4 Options: 

Calm & Balance Blend:
Amethyst is great during times of flux and uncertainty, and for clarity of mind and peaceful thinking. Sodalite, with its royal blue colour, is known to aid in concentration and clarity; it’s a great crystal if wanting to change your routine for the better. Also known as the stone of wisdom and calmness, Sodalite encourages rational thought, truth and patience with oneself, and helps the user bring balance and self-esteem into their life. And Clear Quartz is great for clarity, light and emotional healing.

Care & Compassion Blend:
Ocean Jasper is a calming and uplifting stone that works to feed an optimistic outlook of life. Enhancing self-insight this stone enables you to look at things from other perspectives. The amplifying energies of Rose Quartz, a heart stone, will tap into your compassion and make you focus on creating genuine connections. With Clear Quartz, often referred to as the ‘Master Healer’, it’s favored by many for mental strength and clarity, and emotional healing.

Love and Happiness Blend:
Love and be loved with Rose Quartz. Attached to the heart and throat chakra this soft and feminine crystal is linked to Aphrodite and Adonis, and can be used not only to harness romance but to promote self-love and healing communication. Teamed with protective amethyst and cleansing clear quartz, our Crystal Clear in Love blend is designed to promote love, happiness and emotional healing.

Strength & Tranquility Blend:
Purple Agate's bright, calming power will purify you from head to foot. This magnificent purple Agate is an expert at harmonizing meridians and opposite forces, leaving you linked to contemplative emotions and ensuring that you remain gentle in tranquility even though things are difficult. Rose Quartz, a heart stone, will tap into
your sense of connectedness to all things and encourage balance and equanimity. With Clear Quartz, often referred to as the 'Master Healer', it's favored by many for mental strength and clarity, and emotional resilience.


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